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Dance Music For Kids

Children love to dance and movement is an important – and fun – way for young ones to become aware of their bodies and encourage cognitive development.

Universal Children’s Audio (UCA) is a publisher of great music and resources for the early years. They are one of our favourites at Educational Esteem. Based in New Zealand (a leader in early childhood education) UCA is dedicated to creating music just for children and it does a range of titles from dance, to storytelling and relaxation. The collections are categorised by native NZ birds – each one signifying a range of CDs for example, the fantail introduces dancing and moving, which is what this blog post is all about!

In all the Bright Stars albums that focus on dance, included are short, imaginative introductions, spoken by a young Bright Stars dancer, so children could take part right away. The introductions also give excellent support to adults working with the children, as the simple dance ideas are an instant starting point. Rather than giving children a set idea of what to do, UCA has carefully worded the introductions to empower the children’s own imaginations. This way the children are expressing their own unique movement ideas and spontaneous creativity.

Move to the Music Toddler Dance Class is for two to five year olds and is a collection of music and movement tracks is ideal for childcare centres, schools, musical parenting groups or fun at home. The tracks are short to take into account preschoolers attention spans and are all instrumental so children can let their imaginations and bodies go wild. Leading gymnastics tutor Anne Kinglsey has guided the production of this CD. The titles of some of the tracks like ‘Bright Stars Intro’, ‘Warm Up Walk’, ‘Jungle Jim’ and ‘Running the Dog’ gives you an idea of the fun possibilities and adventures to be had.

Dancing Fun Early Childhood Dance is another one for the two to fives and has tracks like ‘Busy Bodies Skip’, ‘Puffed out’ and ‘Happiness’ for lots of fun in the classroom or at home on a rainy day. Perfect for exercise and imaginative play.

Twinkle Toes Preschool Dance Class is an introduction to dance basics, singing, and rhythm. Movement ideas at the beginning of each track get little imagination growing and going and kids will love to move to tracks like ‘Skipping’, ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Slow Fast Music’.

For Twinkle Toes and Dancing Fun UCA worked closely with dance teacher, Suzanne Hazelwood, who teaches very successful dance classes for pre-schoolers in New Zealand. Suzanne wanted a wide variety of musical styles, including a little singing.

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching is for slightly older kids – five to tens – and will get them going in all sorts of creative ways with beats like “Jungle Mania’’ and “Reggae at the Beach’’. The title of this collection should be a mantra for living. Children express themselves so freely and wonderfully. This CD will fire their minds to move their bodies in so many different ways. A great resource for coordination and physical education.

Dance Like a Rainbow is aimed at three to seven year olds and invites them to explore the colourful and fun world of movement. The tracks are guided by the bright stars dancers with ideas like “imagine you are wearing funky shoes…how many ways can you make your shoes dance?”. The instrumental tracks are bright and lively and encourage imagination and fun.

Dance Like a Rainbow and Dance Like Nobody’s Watching, are the brainchild of dance educator Jackie Hair, a Kiwi who is now based at Edinburgh University. Her focus is on creative and rhythmic expression, and implementing stimulating dance programs in school as well as early childhood. UCA is getting a great response to Dance Like Nobody’s Watching from teachers grateful to have specific content for older, primary school children, since specifically developed resources for this age are thinner on the ground. Dance Like a Rainbow and Dance Like Nobody’s Watching were tested and trialled in schools so the company could fine tune the resource and maximise its effectiveness for educators.

There’s no excuse – get up and DANCE!


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