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Hap Palmer

HAP Palmer is a great among greats in the children’s educational music scene.

American Palmer has been performing and recording his music since 1969 and is world-renowned for being a pioneer in the use of music and movement in early childhood education.

This ‘teacher of teachers’ has sold well over two million records and he is considered a ‘rock star’ among early childhood professionals, such is the popularity of his music in preschools and day care centres in North America.

Palmer’s music is fun and educational, that’s why teachers love his material so much.

Can Cockatoos Count By Two’s? has a collection of songs that enhance numeracy and literacy without children even realising it! Themes on this CD include numbers, number order, arithmetic, colours, time, phonics, months, seasons. Songs like ‘Can Cockatoos Count By Twos?’, ’Magic Scarf’, “Months on the Move’’ and ‘We are all Alike’ give you an idea of what’s in store and how much fun there will be listening and moving to it! Read more