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Wendy Fine and Judy Irwig

Wendy Fine and Judy Irwig have been making music for kindergarten-aged children for over 20 years and are very popular with preschool educators. Wendy has produced solo collections too. Their songs are exuberant, catchy and accessible for youngsters who love the catchy tunes and can’t help moving to the music.

It’s a Small, Small World has 42 songs for ages two to five that are the all-time favourites of children all over Australia. There’s the classics parents know and love like ‘dingle dangle scarecrow’, ‘oh dear, what can the matter be?’ and ‘doggy in the window’’ as well as some original compositions.
It’s cool to care for the environment – that’s the message of The Land, sea, You and Me. This is a collection of memorable, environmentally friendly rhythmic songs, that encourage self-respect, respect for each other and for this wonderful world we share, this CD is aimed at kids aged 5 plus.
Fit for Fun is an album of keep-fit songs by Wendy for children of all ages and encourages kids’ co-ordination. With songs like ‘Jumping Jack, The Monster Walk and ‘Curl up Small – Stand up Tall, there is bound to be lots of movement and laughter when you put this on for the kids!
Hop, Skip and Jump with Wendy & Judy is a collection of more creative movement songs for children. Focusing on stimulating the imagination and strengthening young bodies, songs like ‘dance of the Dinosaur’, ‘Horses in the Meadow’, ‘I Went to visit a Friend’ and ‘The Silly Words Song’, this collection is a guaranteed winner to get little bodies moving and grooving.
The rollicking collection There’s an Orchestra in My Kitchen is one of Wendy’s most popular CDs and has songs full of madcap fun and silliness. Can you really imagine ‘an orchestra in your kitchen’? Wendy brings these kinds of images to life to make for some madcap musical moments. There’s also songs on the CD like ‘Why can’t I plant a chewing gum tree?’, `I want to be healthy and strong’ and `I don’t want to go to bed’.
Insects and garden creatures fascinate kids. Wendy’s Creepy Crawlies is a great musical exploration of the wonders that can be discovered in your backyard. Songs like ‘Wiggly Worms’, ‘The butterfly’, ‘Mr Snail’ and ’The Bothersome Fly’ encourage children to creatively mimic the movements of the different creatures.



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