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A Must Have Kindergarten Book Collection

Kindergarten-age is a magical time for children to discover books and concepts about the wider world and their feelings. At Educational Esteem we love to find fantastic and useful books for families and early education professionals.

As Quick as a Cricket by Don and Audrey Wood is geared towards ages two to six and is all about emotions – and letting children know that it is okay to feel they things they do, whether they are good or bad. With beautiful illustrations, this book takes emotions from the abstract to the concrete and relates an emotion to an animal. Think “as slow as a snail” or “as quick as a cricket”.

Mrs Honey’s Hat by Pam Adams is a colourfully illustrated favourite with kindergarten teachers. The narrative has a repetitive refrain and a strong emphasis on days of the week. There is an environmental theme to this book too as the items on Mrs Honey’s Hat are drawn from her surroundings. Children learn through repetition and remembering what is on Mrs Honey’s Hat.

Our Cat Cuddles is the tale of Lizzie and Dominic getting more that they bargained for when they got the kitten that they so desperately wanted. Written by Gervase Phinn, the world-renowned author, storyteller and poet, this book is a funny read for children and an ideal story circle choice for kindergarten.

The Flower is a powerful tale. When the hero of this tale, Brigg, discovers a book in the library labelled ‘Do Not Read’, he cannot resist taking it home. When he opens the pages he sees pictures of bright, vibrant objects called flowers. He can’t find flowers anywhere in the city, but stumbles on a packet of seeds…and a chain of events occur with unexpected results. Author John Light presents a compelling tale that has a strong message of hope.

The Wim Wom from the Mustard Mill by Polly Peters is the story of mystery creature that parents warn their children about. They tell the kids the Wim Wom will cause trouble if they don’t do as they’re told. The children in this story try to discover exactly what the Wim Wom is…. is it real?

Mrs Honey’s Tree is another great book from author and illustrator Pam Adams that features the lovable grandmother. Mrs Honey (and her much-loved hat) are faced with a dilemma in this story – is a tree or bus shelter more important? The choices and questions posed in this book make children think about their environment and how things aren’t always as straightforward as we would like to think.


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