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Children’s Music from Ronno

Ronno’s songs are fun and full of life and learning. Ronno, aka Ron Hiller, is a Canadian-born, qualified teacher and has performed for children for several decades. He has also spent time playing in successful rock and country bands and writing hit songs!

His award winning music is loved by families and teachers in North America – and beyond.

Jump-Start Action Songs is one of Ronno’s most popular CDs and stimulates children’s mind and motor development with winning songs and action activities. Ronno is well known for his highly motivating action songs and there’s plenty on this collection. There’s also a teacher-guide to accompany the songs and associated activities.

People in Our Neighbourhood with Ronno is a great collection for 4-6 year olds that features songs about workers and community helpers. There are songs about nurses, teachers, construction workers and police that help young ones make some sense of the people in their communities and the importance of work. This collection is really popular with kindergartens and a great way to encourage role-play and discussion.

As the title suggests Fun N Friendly Songs is a charming set of tunes that are positive messages. There’s songs like “The Best Me”,” “Veggie Power” (anything that can help kids eat more veggies can’t be bad!) and “This heart, these hands”. It is a really lovely collection that is great for family time or to use in education settings to talk about mindfulness or issues like the environment and health and nutrition.

There’s more positive reinforcement with Positively Singable Songs. The tunes all have a theme of self-esteem, doing your best, getting along with others and caring for the environment. There are songs including “D-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-t” and “Let’s Celebrate (the human race)” are hallmarks of Ronno’s philosophy for his music for children. The opening song “I like me” is particularly charming with the first lines “I like my skin/it’s the house I’m living in…”.

Castles, Knights and Unicorns is aimed at 3-7 year olds and all about fantasy and fun. Medieval and mythical themes are popular for children and these songs about princesses and princes, good dragons and unicorns, castle flags, kindly knights, naughty fairies and happy days will stimulate their imaginations. There’s lots of action songs to get kids up and moving or makes a great accompaniment to their imaginative play with bock building or dress ups.

With so much talk about the childhood obesity crisis, an emphasis on fitness is essential. Ronno and primary education specialist Liz Jones-Twomey created Catch a Brainwave Fitness Fun to help children get daily exercise in a fun and inclusive way. Intentionally designed movements of the songs can help kids gain the important benefits of increased fitness and greater learning power. There are clear verbal instructions and easy-to-grasp sequential movements. This CD won many awards when it was released in 2007 and is endorsed by early childhood specialists.


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