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Musical Fun from the Learning Station


All aboard for some fun and games with all the great resources from The Learning Station!

The Learning Station is a US trio of musician/entertainers with an early education background. The trio has recorded over 300 songs and 28 albums so their track record with creating engaging and educational music experiences is hard to beat.

A good collection to start with is Tony Chestnut – 14 lively and action songs that promote participation and free expression. Anything is possible at The Learning Station. On this CD you can travel to the yankety-yank with a bullfrog, go shopping in search of the perfect pet and exploring the jungle with five little monkeys.

Rock n’ Roll Songs That Teach gets children jamming with action, participation and fun. The movement songs with a rock and roll vibe will motivate kids to dance, play and learn new skills – circle games and nursery rhymes.

Play to Rest is a wonderful way to help children to move into a quieter pace. The songs on this collection are aimed at helping transition from play to rest. There’s a song called “Clean Up is Fun” that encourages children to tidy their rooms and another song “I got the wiggles” helps them to shake out and get ready for rest time. Each song has a theme of relaxing (examples are “Pillow Talk”, “I hear the Raindrops” and “Mystical Magical”) and rest to make sure little bodies get all the “down time” they need. It’s a CD of melodic rest tunes that’s a must-have for your family music collection.

Get Funky is for three to eight year olds and is just like the title suggests – FUNKY! This collection of 16 songs, circle games, dances and activities promote important learning and cognitive skills like following directions, left/right discrimination, listening skills, body identification and coordination. “Body Boogie”, “Sad, Bad, Terrible Day”, “Say Cheese” and “Simon Says” are among the fun tunes.

The learning Station’s All-Time Favorites is 14 of the best-known and loved children’s songs. “Miss Mary Mack”, “Hokey Pokey”, “People on the Bus” and “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” are some of the favourites on this CD.


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