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Archive for August, 2013

Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes


According to experts in literacy and child development if a child knows eight nursery rhymes by heart by the time they are four years old, they are most usually in the top of their class for spelling and reading by the time they are eight.

The importance of nursery rhymes is cited again and again by early childhood researchers and teachers.

Nursery rhymes contain high frequency words and learning and listening to them helps tune a child’s ear to the rhythms and sound patterns of language. Nursery rhymes are also critical for cognitive development, especially memory and recall skills. Emotional development is also nurtured by sharing nursery rhymes. Sharing nursery rhymes strengthens the critical bond between parent and child and promotes an understanding of social cues like clapping, smiling and humour. It’s great to use facial expressions when sharing nursery rhymes with your child and this is another way babies and littlies learn about feelings and social cues. Read more

Kids Love Raffi

Raffi is a household name in his native Canada and known throughout the world for his children’s music.

Among fellow children’s performers he is looked up to for his with his distinctive style and respect for children that is reflected in his albums.

Raffi must have a separate room at home for all his awards! He has been recognised with many – including the Order of Canada for his “Child Honouring” work.  Raffi’s musical vision is to create a humane and sustainable world by addressing the universal needs of children. He is known as “the children’s troubadour” and his music is very much rooted in the folk movement, harking back to his days managing coffee houses in Toronto during the 1970s. Read more

Hilary Henshaw for Kids

Hilary Henshaw is the brain behind the acclaimed Growing with Music series that has been loved by preschool educators around the country for years. Hilary’s songs, dances, play-along, games and stories enhance co-ordination, language, listening, creativity and musical skills.

The CD Hilary + Music = Fun features loads of interactive songs like “clap your hands all together”, “copy cat” and “put the beat in your feet”. This CD is a great one to start with to get acquainted with Hilary’s music.

Kidsmusik is the second in the series and has more fun-filled songs for ages 2-plus. Music like “I love my teddy”, “count the music” and “good morning” promotes lots of movement and interaction. Perfect for the classroom or at home. Read more