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Hilary Henshaw for Kids

Hilary Henshaw is the brain behind the acclaimed Growing with Music series that has been loved by preschool educators around the country for years. Hilary’s songs, dances, play-along, games and stories enhance co-ordination, language, listening, creativity and musical skills.

The CD Hilary + Music = Fun features loads of interactive songs like “clap your hands all together”, “copy cat” and “put the beat in your feet”. This CD is a great one to start with to get acquainted with Hilary’s music.

Kidsmusik is the second in the series and has more fun-filled songs for ages 2-plus. Music like “I love my teddy”, “count the music” and “good morning” promotes lots of movement and interaction. Perfect for the classroom or at home.

Seasons and Celebrations is all about the wonderful events that make up life – changes in the weather, birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, among others. Hilary presents songs that are fun, joyous and a great resource for emotional and social development. And because Hilary is from down under, there’s a real appeal for little Aussie kids with songs like “The Easter Bilby”, and “football song”.

Super Me! is a collection of songs to build self-esteem. Themes of “my body”, “my feelings”, “my family” and “my friends” encourage children to feel good about themselves and their world. Friendship is very much at the heart of the music on this collection – there are songs like “friendship express”, “be your own good friend” and “friendship dance”.

It’s Party Time is a lively mix of original and traditional games, songs and dances. Great for parties but also to teach socialisation, the songs on this CD are all action-centred. There’s a song for pass the parcel, freeze, hokey pokey and other fun party games.

Kid’s CarMusik is especially made for making car journeys fun and interactive. No more “are we there yet?” from the kids when this CD is playing! This catchy collection of songs, games, stories and quizzes develops language, vocabulary, memory, imagination, musical and observational skills. “Shapes”, “driving ‘round Australia” and “number plate game” give you an idea of the great songs and games on this album.

Hilary’s quest is to get families to share music together for the well-being and development of children. It’s a wise move to have Hilary in your family music CD collection!


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