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Kids Love Raffi

Raffi is a household name in his native Canada and known throughout the world for his children’s music.

Among fellow children’s performers he is looked up to for his with his distinctive style and respect for children that is reflected in his albums.

Raffi must have a separate room at home for all his awards! He has been recognised with many – including the Order of Canada for his “Child Honouring” work.  Raffi’s musical vision is to create a humane and sustainable world by addressing the universal needs of children. He is known as “the children’s troubadour” and his music is very much rooted in the folk movement, harking back to his days managing coffee houses in Toronto during the 1970s.

Everything Grows is one of his popular collections that has a mixture of his original songs and classic ditties like “brown girl in the ring”. His soft voice and natural charm brings songs like “Let’s make some noise” and “Saturday morning” to like for parents and little ones alike.

Let’s Play is especially for ages 2 plus and the songs focus on timeless tunes like “if you’re happy and you know it” and “eensy weensy spider”. You may know the songs well but Raffi’s delivery is extra special and his renditions of much-loved classics will become your favourites.

The Corner Grocery Store and Other Singable Songs is aimed at the 2-5 age group and is a delightful collection with a French twist. This award-winning collection was only Raffi’s third album, released in 1979, and one of his most popular.

Singable songs for the Very Young is Raffi’s first and best-selling album from 1976. It’s a children’s classic with favourites and originals, rhyming fun, counting songs. There’s exuberant renditions of “five green and speckled frogs”, “baa, baa, black sheep” and “Aikendrum” and originals like “Mr Sun” and “The more we get together” – this is a must for any family music collection.

Then there’s the follow-up album More Singable Songs for ages 2-7 and this is another winner – a favourite song (that you’ll probably have heard sung on Play school) include “shake my sillies out” as well as traditional renditions of “six little ducks” as well as plenty of other Raffi originals tunes.

Songs of the World reflects Raffi’s activism for children and making the world a better place for them. This collection of songs focuses on the different cultures of our world and teaches children to love and respect one another and to celebrate their differences. This album features 14 of his most-loved songs including the moving ‘One Light, One Sun” and “De Colores” — a beautiful ballad in Spanish.


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