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Archive for September, 2013

Music for Little Dancing Feet

Little children love to move! Movement helps children develop their gross motor skills and helps with socialisation and emotional development.  Watching babies and toddlers move to music and song is one of life’s great joys. We have plenty of resources for little dancing feet!

 You Can Dance! from The Learning Station is a dance fitness and movement collection that has every style from ballroom to disco. Kids will have lots of fun trying hip-hop, salsa, cha cha and more. Having fun and moving is great for fitness and heath. What better way to encourage fitness than by dancing? The Learning Station is a favourite at Educational Esteem – The Learning Station is a US trio of musician/entertainers with an early education background. The trio has recorded 28 albums so the trio is well and truly a leader in early childhood music and learning. Read more

New Zealand Artists for Kids

New Zealand is renowned for the quality of its early childhood music and resources. For such a small country it sure does create wonderful teachers and innovators in music for children.

Linda Adamson is beloved in adopted homeland New Zealand. Her music resource range Love To Sing has become a worldwide hit with teachers, parents and kids. Linda’s songs are played daily on NZ children’s television. Her philosophy is participation and enthusiasm being the keys to your child’s learning. Most recently Adamson has been on a mission to connect communities through music. She is highly regarded for her understanding of the cognitive, physical, social and emotional benefits that music brings. Adamson has also devised specific children’s programmes, including “Hearty Fun Fitness”, which is endorsed by the NZ Heart Foundation.

All her collections are great so it’s hard to find a standout but Playtime Songs is a good CD to start with. This CD is full of fun songs like “You brush your teeth”, “Dr Knickerbocker”, “Good morning” and “Skinny Marinky”. There’s also a lyrics book and bonus DVD of live action songs. Read more

Music for Active Toddlers

Keeping your toddlers active is a must. Little ones have bundles of energy, super-inquisitive minds and a lot of stuff to learn.

Educational Esteem can help with our great range of toddler music resources.

Songs and Games for Toddlers by Bob McGrath. You’ll know Bob from Sesame Street and he is just as engaging and delightful on this collection as he is on the iconic children’s television show.

All the songs and images on this CD are simple enough for two and three years olds to sing, play and do. There’s classic songs like “twinkle, twinkle, little star” and “row, row, row your boat”, “this old man” and “five little ducks”. These are perfect songs for toddlers and Bob leads children through a repertoire that will have them bouncing, clapping, chanting, drumming and singing. Read more