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Music for Active Toddlers

Keeping your toddlers active is a must. Little ones have bundles of energy, super-inquisitive minds and a lot of stuff to learn.

Educational Esteem can help with our great range of toddler music resources.

Songs and Games for Toddlers by Bob McGrath. You’ll know Bob from Sesame Street and he is just as engaging and delightful on this collection as he is on the iconic children’s television show.

All the songs and images on this CD are simple enough for two and three years olds to sing, play and do. There’s classic songs like “twinkle, twinkle, little star” and “row, row, row your boat”, “this old man” and “five little ducks”. These are perfect songs for toddlers and Bob leads children through a repertoire that will have them bouncing, clapping, chanting, drumming and singing.

The indomitable Hap Palmer is royalty in the children’s music scene and Peek-A-Boo is his collection especially for children aged up to three. His original lyrics talk about the kinds of experiences, challenges and delights that toddlers encounter each day. There are plenty of opportunities to make animal sounds, play peek-a-boo or ride an imaginary merry-go-round. There are delightful songs like “Don’t Wash My Blanket” (the challenge of washing a much-loved blankie without your little one missing it too much?), “I Can Put My Clothes On By Myself”, “Finger Foods” and “Goodnight Story Time”.

For an energy-packed time with your wee one try It’s Toddler Time, which features activities and exercises created specifically for toddler fitness and cognitive development. Toddlers love “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes,” and there’s also fun tunes like “Top of the Morning”, Itsy, Bitsy Spider,” “Teddy Bear”, “Jack in the Box” and “Spinning Tops”. The CD also includes a guide with lyrics and activities.

Kathy Reid-Naiman is a much-loved children’s performer from Canada who loves to make music for developing little minds. Tickles and Tunes is her collection for ages six months to six years. This is an award-winning CD for toddlers and produced by the Ken Whiteley, who also produces for other kids’ music greats like Raffi and Fred Penner. Kathy s a real musical maestro – on this collection alone she plays guitar, banjo, fiddle and autoharp. There’s a great mix of traditional arrangements and original songs on Tickles and Tunes.

Another great music activities CD is Toddlerific. This collection has peek-a-boos, wiggles, quiet time, fun and so much more! Little ones can “Follow the Leader,” “Step In Time,” and “Look, Point, What Do You See?”. These songs are very action and repetition-oriented and great for helping the very young to develop rhythm, coordination and social skills.

For a comprehensive and awesome collection there’s Toddlers Top 40 from Kiwi children’s music powerhouse UCA. Music from UCA is played in early childhood centres all over the world and this CD collection is like a burger with the lot – finger wriggling songs, sing-alongs, and action songs. There’s not a chance to be quiet when you play this CD and it promotes fitness while having fun – lots of fun. There’s all the toddler top tunes like songs like “Wind the Bobbin Up”, “I’m a Little Teapot (Retro Teapots)” and “Jelly on a Plate”. There’s 40 of the best here.


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