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Music for Little Dancing Feet

Little children love to move! Movement helps children develop their gross motor skills and helps with socialisation and emotional development.  Watching babies and toddlers move to music and song is one of life’s great joys. We have plenty of resources for little dancing feet!

 You Can Dance! from The Learning Station is a dance fitness and movement collection that has every style from ballroom to disco. Kids will have lots of fun trying hip-hop, salsa, cha cha and more. Having fun and moving is great for fitness and heath. What better way to encourage fitness than by dancing? The Learning Station is a favourite at Educational Esteem – The Learning Station is a US trio of musician/entertainers with an early education background. The trio has recorded 28 albums so the trio is well and truly a leader in early childhood music and learning.

Dance Party Fun is the CD you need when you want to motivate your kids to get moving more. Aimed at ages four-plus, this CD has twelve songs with fun and easy choreographed dance steps. The cool and groovy beats are great for exercise, socialisation and helping kids to find a sense of rhythm.

Kimbo Educational is behind this CD and the label is dedicated to music and movement resources for children. Long regarded as leaders in the field of early education music (the company started in 1958!) and has over 350 titles available.

Another collection from Kimbo Educational is All-Time Favourite Dances. There are songs like “Bunny Hop,” “Conga,” “Hokey Pokey,” and “Chicken Dance” that are easy to follow and lots of fun. There’s also a teacher’s guide with dance instructions. For older kids aged seven-plus there’s Everybody Dance that has some great tracks for parties and school dances. There’s “Achy Breaky Heart,” “Electric Slide,” “Loco-Motion,” “La Bamba,” “Mashed Potato” and the guaranteed dance floor hit “YMCA”. Just try not to have loads of fun and dance your heart out with this collection.

For some swinging beats and smooth moves, Kimbo Educational has Salsa, Soul and Swing – perfect or ages four to 10.  There’s exciting Salsa songs and dances, soul choreographed classics and big band, swing rhythms. This CD spans the 40’s to modern Latin beats. There’s a guide with lyrics and instructions so classes, teachers, kids and parents can have lots of fun moving and grooving to these sassy tunes.


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