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Music for Family Fun 4


Music is one of the greatest ways to bring people together and there are plenty of great collections for awesome family fun.

Everyone loves the gang of Sesame Street and Putumayo Kids presents a collection of songs from international versions of the much-loved program. Sesame Street Playground has songs from The Netherlands, South Africa, Brazil, France, India, Israel, Mexico and Palestine, among others. Ever heard “Rubber Ducky” in Chinese? Well, with this collection you can! This CD/DVD is a project from the Sesame Street Workshop to promote respect of other cultures. The DVD features five music videos from places like Russia, South Africa and Mexico.

Rhyme And Song Sing-Along by Matthew Perry is especially for 0-5 year olds full of interactive musical activities to accompany favourite nursery rhymes. The Matthew Perry of this collection is not the actor from hit TV show Friends, rather a respected childhood music specialist who has, among other achievements, composed music for The Wiggles and makes resources for teachers. His music compositions focus on literacy, listening skills, movement, concentration and self-esteem. The nursery rhymes on this CD are perfect for the whole family to join in with and sing! Also comes with a colourful book with song lyrics and musical activities.

How about the smooth grooves and moves of iconic Motown music for the whole family to enjoy? The songs on Motown for Kids have been chosen especially for little ones and also feature karaoke versions for everyone to sing along to. Some of the classics here include “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)” by Stevie Wonder, “Dancing In The Street” from Martha Reeves And The Vandellas and The temptations with “The Way You Do The Things You Do”. A great collection that introduces kids to classic music and is a family fun winner!

Quirky Franciscus Henri has been a hit with Aussie families for several decades and White Pyjamas is just one of his popular CD collections. An ARIA-winning album in 1991, White Pyjamas was re-released due to popular demand. This collection has originals from Franciscus that combines fun, silliness and movement-oriented tunes like “18th Egg Overture”, “Taking us to the Carnival”, “Baked Beans” and “Captain Snowball”.

Veteran Australian children’s entertainer Mike Jackson has a perfect collection for winding down at night. Bedtime Songs has gentle tunes for quiet times. There’s still fun associated with the lyrics but in lower-key delivery. There are tracks like “Sleep, Sleep my Little One”, “Grandma Joan’s Socks”, “Baby Bedtime for Toys” and “Just before I go to Sleep”. Mike Jackson is well known and loved for his music concerts and his engaging and fun delivery of music for pre-schoolers. He is probably best known for his rendition of “Dr Knickerbocker” and for singing the original “Bananas in Pyjamas” before B1 and B2 came into being.

Peter Combe is beloved by a generation of Aussie kids and is still going strong with his lively music for families. His album Best Friends has 20 songs such in his distinctive style that mixes nonsense, feelings and beautiful harmonies. “Tom Can Play The Trumpet”, “Cinderella”, “Mrs Wiggeley Woggely Wheeze” and “New Playgym” give an idea of the eclectic music on this collection.



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