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World Soundtracks from Putumayo Kids


The incredibly popular range of music from Putumayo Kids brings the world inside your home, classroom and car. There is a collection for every taste and corner of the globe – The Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and more.

Rock and Roll Playground features modern songs influenced by rock and roll roots. This compilation also includes a read-aloud booklet with notes about the history of rock & roll and the story of each song. Artists include popular US children’s music entertainer Dan Zanes, to up-and- comers like Grammy nominee Brady Rymer, Parents’ Choice® Gold award winner Roger Day and John Lennon Songwriting Contest winners Rhythm Child. There’ll be a whole lotta shakin’ going on with this great collection.

Picnic Playground is a wonderful soundtrack that will complement lessons on healthy eating and cooking. This CD features global songs with a food focus. Songs from Australia, Cuba, Denmark, France, Germany, Canada and Trinidad infuse this great album with a gourmet theme. A great soundtrack that’s guaranteed to get you cookin’ up great fun.

The sounds of the islands come to life in Hawaiian Playground, so much so you’ll almost feel the tropical breeze on your skin. The songs feature ukuleles, steel guitars and harmonious vocals to inspire the mood of Hawaii. There’s local artists like Ehukai and Imua who sing about their love and appreciation for their island homes. And there’s mainland US artists like New York’s The Moonlighters and Joe McDermott of Texas who infuse their music with the sounds of Hawaii.

World Playground is a perfect blend of the best of global beats. One of Putumayo’s bestselling collections, World Playground features artists from France, Jamaica, Australia, Congo and Brazil. It’s an upbeat, joyous CD to introduce the world to children. If you’ve always dreamed of a European holiday then try European Playground – family-friendly music from contemporary artists.
Europe is home to almost 50 countries, each with its own unique culture, history, traditions, food and music. There’s Sås & Kopp who sing in Swedish about jumping on a trampoline, Germany’s Alex Schmeisser sings about the friendship between a big cow and a little mouse in “Anneliese” and Alain Le Lait croons about the French love of good food with “En Voiçi, En Voilá”.

New Orleans Playground is the perfect introduction to the best of America’s iconic city of music. All the songs are fun, family-friendly and guaranteed to make you smile. Fats Domino’s “Whole Lotta Lovin”, “I like it like that” by Chris Kenner and Clarence “Frogman” Henry’s “Ain’t Got No Home” are some stand out tracks that kids and parents alike love but the whole albums is a representation of the rich cultural heritage of the city known as The Big Easy.


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