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Discover Jim Weiss

Jim Weiss is a professional storyteller from the United States who has been entertaining and enchanting for over 30 years.

Jim’s albums of classic stories and folk tales have been critically acclaimed by parents’ associations and educators. Jim’s aim is to provide audio stories for kids to foster insightful family discussions and lead children to the bookshelf.

A lovely place to start with Jim’s works is Sweet Dreams, which features restful visualisations for a blissful sleep. Some of the visualisations include experiencing a toyshop after hours, a magical cavern behind a waterfall, a forest cottage and a relaxing pond. Gentle music punctuates the stories so it is easy for parents to switch off the music player once their child has fallen asleep.

Tales from Culture Far and Near is Jim’s collection of tales from different lands like Japan, Spain and Africa. The idea behind this collection is to illustrate that despite the differences in cultures and life, people are all really related through the human experience. This collection is ideal for ages five-plus.

Bedtime and rest times lend themselves to stories and another collection from Jim is Good Night – six vignettes about relaxing, magic places. The story visualisations include “tropical island”, “the unicorn” and “tree house in the forest”.

Arabian Nights transports listeners to the land of princes, genies and magic lamps. Jim’s retellings of Scheherazade, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, The Fisherman and the Genie and The Bird Who Speaks are magical journeys to stimulate a child’s imagination, literacy and love of classic stories.

Greek mythology is given Jim’s storytelling treatment with his collection that includes King Midas and the Golden Touch and Adventures of Hercules. Jim’s philosophy is that while no recording can replace the experience of parents reading to their kids, his retellings of stories give young minds the space to experience time to themselves. The recordings also enable families to spend relaxing time together listening to stories and unwinding from their busy days.

Animal Tales is a great CD for children ages three-plus who are ready to step up from listening to just music. Retellings of Aesop’s Fables, Grimm, Chaucer and others are included on this collection. The theme of animals is a popular interest point for children and the traditional storytelling on this album is a great way to enhance literacy, imagination and cultivate a love of the spoken word.


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