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Music and Stories to Spark Kids’ Creativity and Imagination

Childhood is the time to encourage a love of stories. The brain develops more in the early years of life than any other time and cultivating the ability to use imagination.

Master storyteller Jim Weiss has Giants! A Colossal Collection of Tales and Tunes that is sure to spark the imaginations of your little ones. Weiss is recognised as a top troubadour in North America for his renditions of classic stories and fables. As well as the classic Jack and the Beanstalk, there’s also lesser known- but just as entertaining – stories like “The Selfish Giant” and “The Giant of Grabbist.

Castles, Knights and Unicorns is an album fill of fantasy from Ronno – the critically acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter whose philosophy is to get kids to sing, move, and have a great time! This collection has songs about princesses and princes, good dragons and unicorns, castle flags, kindly knights, naughty fairies and happy days. This CD will stimulate their imaginations and spark their creativity. Consider using this album as an accompaniment to dress up games or parties.

Hap Palmer is one of the giants of children’s educational entertainment and his album Pretend encourages children to use their imaginations, role-play, and develop verbal skills. The songs on this collection include “Little Ants”, “The clown”, ‘Big Heavy box” and “Motorcycle Racer” – the song titles suggest the kind of imaginative role play children will be able to do. Palmer is considered the ‘teacher of teachers’ has sold well over two million records. He is considered a ‘rock star’ among early childhood professionals. Pretend is one of Palmer’s most enduring recordings and was first released in 1976.

A book to spark the imagination is Balloonia by Audrey Wood. Balloonia poses the interesting question “where do balloons go at bedtime?”. Matthew has the answer. But Jessica wants to see for herself. Beautiful illustrations combined with text that provides imaginative explanations to everyday situations means that little ones can develop extended thinking skills. There are also opportunities to discuss many emotions and feelings important to children.

Another great book by author Audrey Wood is Tooth Fairy that features the characters Matthew and Jessica again. When Matthew looses a tooth, so as not to miss out, Jessica tries to trick the Tooth Fairy… The illustrations coupled with text aimed at 2-8 year olds makes this story a wonderful conversation starter about many issues including he importance of individuality, brother and sister relationships and feeling left out.

Tricky the Clown is just the person to inspire fun and imagination in children up to eight. Tricky has a lot of…well…tricks in his bag to delight children and these are shared on his CD collection. There’s music, jokes, stories, games and activities to promote singing, movement and imaginative play – all centred on the timeless theme of “clowning” around. Think “Bounce and Fall”, “Clown Band”, “Tightrope Walking” and “Tricky Nursery rhymes” to get the feel of what adventures await on this CD.


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