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Music for Children to Build Self-Esteem


Building a healthy sense of self and resilience are vital elements of childhood.

Music is a great way to introduce themes of identity, family and friendship.

Hilary Henshaw is a well-respected music educator and he titles are used in preschools around the world. Super Me! Is specifically aimed at building self-esteem. Henshaw’s songs are full of joy and important themes of identity that help children to feel good about themselves. Friendship is very much at the heart of the music on this collection – there are songs like “friendship express”, “be your own good friend” and “friendship dance”.

I Like Myself – Songs About Friendship and Fun is from Kimbo International and features action-oriented tunes to help littlies understanding their feelings and build their self-image. Some of the songs on this collection are “Be My Friend”, “My Name” and “Oh, I’m Angry”. The songs are great to play for circle time and to explore themes of identity, feelings, friends and conflict resolution.

Songs about Me is another collection produced by Kimbo International and features songs by music therapist Bill Janiak. Janiak has produced songs especially for early childhood and children with special needs to help them develop body identification, language, listening skills, counting and much more. The songs like “I’m Swaying My Body”, “Point To My Clothes”, ‘Do You Like Foods? Do You Like Fruits?’ and “Count My Fingers” are inclusive and promote movement, fun and a sense of belonging.

More Songs About Me follows on and again Bill Janiak’s music on this collection is focused on the identity of the child. The songs centre on the theme of “me”. The songs have slow, simple and repetitive techniques so that early learners and children with specific learning needs can follow on – individually or in a group. Songs include “Rock The Little Baby”, “I Like To Move to The Left And Right” and “What Is Today?”.

Me, My Family and Friends is a delightful collection from Dr Pam Schiller, an early childhood education author and teacher, is dedicated to incorporating learning through playtime. Songs including “Make New Friends”, “Magic” and “I Wish I Were” encourage children to make sense of themselves and their world around them, which mainly consists of their family, friends and favourite things to do.



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