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Archive for May, 2014

More Music Resources for Children with Special Needs


Providing innovative resources for children with special needs is one of our passions here at Educational Esteem. Here’s a selection of some of the best collections.

Fittersitters is a specialised 30-minute exercise program for people with limited ability to stand or those who need to “get fit while you sit”. The CD features warm-ups, vigorous exercises and cool downs that help improve range of motion, body spatial orientation and general well being. Appropriate for children aged five-plus right up to older people and especially for children with complex special physical needs.

More Songs About Me features eleven songs focus on a child’s ‘me’ world and can be used with one child or entire group. Music therapist Bill Janiak has a clear, simple and repetitive style to help children with special needs explore and improve skills like body part identification, motor and language development, counting, listening and emotional awareness. Janiak has been an early childhood specialist and music therapist of over 40 years. He specialises in movement recordings and his philosophy is ‘we learn by doing’.

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Science Resources for Children

Science Is Fun


Science is all around us. It can be a daunting subject at school but there are some great ways to introduce children to the wonders of nature and science concepts.

Have you ever thought about singing about science? Educational Esteem has so many great resources.

Singing Science from music entertainment and education group Tickle Tune Typhoon creates plenty of opportunities for children to sing about animals, chemicals, astronomy among other things – and all in an eclectic mix of musical styles. There’s cool tunes like “Everything Grows”, “Life In My Cells”, “That’s Botany” and “Strange Food”. The band uses rhythm and rhyme, creative movement and sign language to motivate students to get excited about learning. Read more

Party Music for Children


Want to get your party started right? How about the kinder disco or music and movement time?

Educational Esteem has a super catalogue of suitable party and active music to suit all occasions.

Exercise Party is exactly as the title of the CD suggests – a collection of energetic and fun songs get young bodies up and moving. The 24 songs progress through warm ups (“A New Way to Say Hello”), the main exercise (“Hula Mula”) and cool down (“Reach Up High”). Read more