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More Music Resources for Children with Special Needs


Providing innovative resources for children with special needs is one of our passions here at Educational Esteem. Here’s a selection of some of the best collections.

Fittersitters is a specialised 30-minute exercise program for people with limited ability to stand or those who need to “get fit while you sit”. The CD features warm-ups, vigorous exercises and cool downs that help improve range of motion, body spatial orientation and general well being. Appropriate for children aged five-plus right up to older people and especially for children with complex special physical needs.

More Songs About Me features eleven songs focus on a child’s ‘me’ world and can be used with one child or entire group. Music therapist Bill Janiak has a clear, simple and repetitive style to help children with special needs explore and improve skills like body part identification, motor and language development, counting, listening and emotional awareness. Janiak has been an early childhood specialist and music therapist of over 40 years. He specialises in movement recordings and his philosophy is ‘we learn by doing’.

More Songs About Me follows on from Songs About Me. Songs like ‘Rock the Little Baby’, ‘Do You Like Foods: Do You Like Vegetables?’ and ‘If You Have This On – Stand Up, Sit Down’ are engaging and fun songs for special learners to interact with.

Everyday Play Songs is a collection geared for ages 2-6 but is equally appropriate for special learners. Again, the songs and music composition come from Bill Janiak and he has crafted the collection to spark the imagination and improve motor skills and emotional literacy. The CD includes vocal and music songs as well as instrumental versions that are suitable for free expression and body movement time. With tunes like “Soul Stomp”, “Alphabet Notion” and “March around the circle” these action-centred songs will be an asset for the classroom or therapy session.

Motor Skill Activity Fun: Fun Activities for Perceptual Motor Skills can be used either seated or standing so many different groups of children will benefit. Ideally aimed at ages 3-8 and each activity has a specific behavioural objective that is intended to be a learning experience. The material is by Georgiana Stewart, who is a highly respected special education and dance primary school educator.

One Foot On, One Foot Off concentrates on activities for basic motor skills – agility, control, strength, coordination, body awareness and rhythm. The routines are simple and repetitive to help children retain the skills they learn. The activities like “One foot on, one foot off, slide”, “Walks” and “Knee bends and tiptoe” are lots of fun too.


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