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Party Music for Children


Want to get your party started right? How about the kinder disco or music and movement time?

Educational Esteem has a super catalogue of suitable party and active music to suit all occasions.

Exercise Party is exactly as the title of the CD suggests – a collection of energetic and fun songs get young bodies up and moving. The 24 songs progress through warm ups (“A New Way to Say Hello”), the main exercise (“Hula Mula”) and cool down (“Reach Up High”).

Children’s Games from respected education music publisher Kimbo International, is a collection of classic music and guided instructions for games like musical chairs, statues and follow the leader. Not only are these much loved and popular games lots and lots of fun, they are also a great way to encourage listening skills, coordination and build resilience (it is disappointing when you “miss out” in musical chairs or move during statues but winning and losing, for want of a better word, is all part of life).

It’s Party Time by Hilary Henshaw takes the stress out of party entertainment for ages three-plus. A lively mix of original and traditional games, songs and dances (including socialization games), It’s Party Time can also be used for kindergarten discos, playgroup get togethers and other special occasions. There’s a song for pass the parcel, freeze, hokey pokey and other fun party games. Hilary Henshaw is the creator of the acclaimed “Growing with Music” series that has been loved by Aussie preschool educators for years.

Dance Party Fun adds a funky twist to classic party fun like Simon Says (“Simon Sez”) and features some songs guaranteed to have people dancing like “Monster Mash”, “Who Let the Dogs Out?” and “Disney Mambo #5”. Suited to ages four-plus, Dance party Fun is another great addition to Educational Esteem’s party mix with children building on important skills like socialisation and coordination without even realising it!

Kids Disco Party is a super collection from ABC for Kids and is your one-stop CD for the coolest party tunes ever – “YMCA”, “Blame It On The Boogie”, “The Limbo Rock” and more modern party hits like “I Gotta Feeling” and “Party in the USA”.

Get Active! – Let’s Party is the second album for the funky Active Kidz duo Scott and Amy. An Aussie duo dedicated to encouraging health, movement and wellbeing in kids, Active Kidz present upbeat and infectiously fun songs like “Burn the Floor”, “Supersonica” and “Groove Train”.


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