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Science Resources for Children

Science Is Fun


Science is all around us. It can be a daunting subject at school but there are some great ways to introduce children to the wonders of nature and science concepts.

Have you ever thought about singing about science? Educational Esteem has so many great resources.

Singing Science from music entertainment and education group Tickle Tune Typhoon creates plenty of opportunities for children to sing about animals, chemicals, astronomy among other things – and all in an eclectic mix of musical styles. There’s cool tunes like “Everything Grows”, “Life In My Cells”, “That’s Botany” and “Strange Food”. The band uses rhythm and rhyme, creative movement and sign language to motivate students to get excited about learning.


Sing and Learn About Science is pitched at ages 4-9 year olds and has the theme of nature, animals and food. Think “Walking in the Woods”, “Evergreen Tree” and “Popcorn’s Popping”.

Action Reaction is a set of puzzles that helps children aged 4-plus the basic concepts of natural and chemical processes. The puzzles allow children to match each action to the right outcome.

Science Songs CD is for children aged 4-9. It will help kids begin to be aware of themselves and their surroundings. The songs inspire new discoveries, develop an inquisitive nature and explore the following science concepts: respiration, hygiene, our senses, exercise, electricity, sound, stars and shadows.

Educational Esteem also has interactive computer resources to help aid with skills learning. The Didi and Ditto is a ranged with early learners in mind. There are three age levels – preschool, kindergarten and first grade. The lead characters Didi and Ditto take children on a journey that lets them practice their thinking skills, literacy skills, math skills, science and creativity. In the adventure aimed at first grade The Wolf King, sees Didi and Ditto make a bet with the Wolf King: if they can prove that they are more clever than the soldiers, the king and his lieutenants will leave the Valley forever. The science component of this game includes identifying and classifying objects; learning about human and animal anatomy; sorting objects that belong to the living and the non-living and reading a map.



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