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TOP 10 Songs Pre-schoolers Should Know


Singing with your little one isn’t just fun, it’s a vital way to teach social engagement, literacy and coordination.

Learning songs with repetition and high frequency words will reap emotional and educational rewards for your child and set them on the path to a lifelong appreciation of words and music.

At Educational Esteem we have so many music resources and here we have chosen the 10 songs we think every pre-schooler should know.

“Kookaburra Sits” is an Aussie classic that virtually all children learn. The song, which was written in 1932 for a contest being held by the Victorian Girl Guides, has delightful repetitive nature that has never lost its appeal: “Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree/Merry, merry king of the bush is he/”…it’s a favourite on Play School, Kindergartens and homes across the country. A great collection of songs that features this perennial favourite is Classic Campfire Singalong from ABC for Kids. Read more

More Music for Babies


Music has a crucial role in developing your baby’s brain. The benefits of music are many – it is fun, helps babies learn patterns, sequence, beat, rhythm and language and literacy. Music actually wires your baby’s brain for learning.
It’s never too early to introduce your baby to music. Even in utero, a developing child will respond to music and it has been proven that once out of the womb, a baby can recognise songs that its mother played to her before she was born.
There are many wonderful baby music resources available from Educational Esteem.
Celtic Lullaby is a beautiful collection of tranquil songs from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales that are guaranteed to soother your little one to a blissful sleep. In fact, this collection is suitable for all ages; such is its peacefulness and appeal for bedtime listening or quiet time. The first track is “Einini”, a traditional Irish lullaby sung by legendary folk singer Tommy Sands. There’s also the traditional Welsh lullaby “Si Hei Lwli” which is literally translated to mean “sleep my baby” and has been sung to babies in Wales for generations. There are more relaxing, lingering songs including “Arrane Saveenagh” is a Manx (Isle of Man) lullaby and “Dream Angus” is a lovely song written by Annie Lennox and is influenced by her Scottish heritage. This collection is a must for your family and also makes a great baby shower or new baby gift.  Read more