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Parent Friendly Music for Kids


Admit it: it’s such a relief when we hear music for our child that’s also fun for adults too.

There is a great selection of children’s artists who create quite modern, upbeat and engaging tunes for the whole family. These artists are also great to play at day care centres and kindergartens.

Justine Clarke is the queen of the modern children’s music scene in Australia. Her album Great Big World has songs that tell the wonderment of a child’s view of life. “Climbing up the Rainbow” is reminiscent of early 1980s Britpop and “My Granny Loves to Laugh” has a folksy, nostalgic feel. Justine covers many musical styles – jazz, pop, lullabies, folk, and soul.

Peter Combe holds a special place in the lives and memories of Australian children (now adults) and their parents. Peter is still going strong producing new albums and playing his much-loved classics from the 1980s. The album Songs For Friends & Family features 25 of his best-loved songs like “Spaghetti Bolognaise”, “Rain”, “Sweet Dreams and Teddy Bears” and “Jellybean Road”. This album also featured a song booklet and is ideal for sing-alongs in the classroom, early education settings or for car trips and parties.

Coco’s Lunch is an Aussie vocal and percussion group – an all- female vocal and hand percussion sextet – who perform a cappella for adults but also do music for children, including Rat Trap Snap! aimed at 4-8 year olds. The lively tunes on the album include “Rat Trap Snap”, “An Alien at My Table”, “Little Miss Muffet”, “Baby in Her Belly”, “I Sweep My Feet” and “Everybody Let¹s Dance”.

The Mighty Buzznicks is a band that is cool personified. On the band’s website it says: If Dr Seuss started a rock band, this would be it! From Melbourne, this band performs in schools, festivals and even the famous Spiegeltent in Federation Square. The music on The Great Space Circus is heavily geared towards listener participation. Some of the quirky, cool songs include “To be a Bug”, “Katie and the Spider” and “Our Kitchen”. On the band’s website is says”

The Mudcakes is husband and wife duo Sherry Rich and Rick Plant whose experience both in America and Australia has seen them produce quirky, funky, playful music. Before they had children, Sherry and Rick were hip musicians making their living as musos in Nashville so they understand the transition from carefree coupledom to the happy, messy, tiring adventure of parenthood. On Cave Baby there’s family friendly tracks like “Spit it Out”, “Nappy Change” and “Grumpy Bum” – all experiences parents can relate to and have fun while listening with their little ones.

Putumayo Kids is the top choice for world music for families. Jazz Playground is a collection of international jazz songs for children. From bebop and swing to Latin and African jazz, this multicultural CD celebrates the vibrant diversity and global influence of jazz. The countries featured on this album include the USA, Australia, Japan, Brazil and Cuba.

So, there’s no reason to drive yourself mad with children’s music that you don’t like!


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