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Timelessly Entertaining Fairy Tales


Timelessly entertaining, fairy tales are an important part of childhood.

There’s few better ways to introduce storytelling, literacy and fun to your child’s life.

Educational Esteem has resources for all the most beloved fairy tales.

The ultimate tale of rags to riches is Cinderella – the story with a wicked stepmother and sisters, a fairy godmother, handsome prince, glamorous gowns and the message that it is always best to be nice and kind.

The Child’s Play publication of Cinderella features vibrant illustrations and interactive ‘flip-up flaps’ so children can join in with the experience. For teachers and child care professionals this range of books can support learning objectives of the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies and the National Curriculum and reinforce the lessons of emotional literacy and citizenship.

Child’s Play is an independent publisher, with its product specialising in “whole child” development, focused play, life skills and values.

These fairy tale books are ideal for ages 3-7 and are true to the originals with the colourful illustrations that bring the tales to life.

The other titles we have available are:

Three Little Pigs – the tale of three pigs and the houses they build. A wolf comes by and tries to destroy their homes –which house will survive?

Snow White – A princess, her evil stepmother, a poison apple and seven dwarves. This story is entrancing.

The Musicians of Bremen – the story of four outcast animals – a donkey, pig, cat and rooster – who decide to travel to Bremen and become musicians.

Goldilocks – The story of the cheeky little girl who enters the house of the Three Bears and helps herself, without asking, to their food and comforts.

Chicken Licken – This story is also known as Chicken Little or Henny Penny and is about the chicken’s mistaken belief that the world is coming to an end. The story has the famous line “the sky is falling in!”.

Sleeping Beauty – this much loved and adapted tale is about a bitter fairy, snubbed by the Royal Family, who places a curse on its baby princess. The princess is put to sleep when she pricks her finger on a spindle to sleep for 100 years.

There are also storybags available from us to help further enrich the storytelling experience. Perfect for childcare settings and early literacy in schools, these storybags (also known as storysacks include a picture book, a CD and felt characters, puppets or soft toys for you to act out the story too. You can choose a hardback or soft cover book and all items come in a handy, clear plastic carry bag. As well as the obvious benefits of the book, the supporting materials help promote skills in story setting, prediction, questioning, rhythm and much more.



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