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Play School Artists


Some of the most popular children’s music artists in Australia are cast members of ABC’s Play school. In fact, a CD from one (or all) of these people – Justine Clarke, Jay Laga’aia and Georgie Parker – can be found in a great number of Australian families’ favourite playlists.

The multi-talented Justine Clarke is the Australian queen of children’s music. Her CDs are all best sellers and have won numerous awards.

Songs to Make You Smile is Clarke’s follow up to her hit debut album I Like to Sing. Equally engaging, Songs to Make you Smile is a musical journey through different sounds and moods – a rockabilly swing to of ‘Mrs Knife and Mr Fork’, the rock sounds of ‘Jelly Jelly Jelly’ and the James Taylor-esque lullaby ‘Creatures Of The Rain And Sun’. Clarke infuses her songs with different musical influences that are equally appealing to adults as much as children. Two of the most popular songs on this album are ‘Dinosaur Roar’ and ‘Imagination’, which both encourage movement and are ideal for use in early education settings. Read more