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Gift Ideas for Children



Whether it is Christmas, a birthday or an occasion like the birth of a baby, christening or a religious or cultural celebration, music is a wonderful gift.

At Educational Esteem there is a range of music and storytelling CDs to appeal to many tastes.

The Mermaid’s Shoes and Other Enchanted Tales is by storyteller extraordinaire Jenni Cargill and is suitable from for children aged three years and up. With no scary stories, it is fine for listening to before going to bed. It has sixty minutes worth of stories and songs and a four-page booklet with lyrics and story information. The title story is an original tale about the mermaid of Byron. Unique and unusual acoustic instruments are featured on the album include zyladrum, lyre, chavaquino, tabla, harp and bells. Culturally, the stories and songs range between Australia, China, Ireland, Russia and Japan.

Fun storyteller and musician Connie Kaldor presents the adventures of a dog-named “La Grande Fifi” in the CD A Poodle in Paris. This sophisticated canine strolls through the streets of Paris bumping into a wide assortment of friends, including her Bichon Frisé band that plays for her in a club called “Le Bow Wow!”. This book, with delightfully enchanting illustrations and 12-track CD of songs written and performed by Kaldor, is a fun romp through a canine-inspired Paris.

Five Little Ducks is probably one of the best-loved and popular songs for children and this set features puppets to help you bring the story to life. Child’s Play, makers of high-quality educational resources, presents the story in book format and puppets – a mother duck and her five babies. The song is a fun and engaging way to improve early counting and literacy.

Justine Clarke’s debut album I like to Sing is a modern Australian classic for families. It features songs about going to the library, the animals that live in gumtrees, eating watermelon, and, of course, singing. “I like to Sing” introduces children to a wonderful world of things that happen in the day-to-day and puts an imaginative twist on it. An example of this is the boppy lyrics for “Dancing Chicken” (didn’t have no feathers/didn’t wear no pants/but the kettle started singin’ when/that chicken did its dance) and Let’s Dress Up (sometimes I wonder why I have to stay/being the same person day after day/so out with the clothes box and on with the gear/and very soon somebody different is there).

Franciscus Henri is a critically acclaimed and much-loved Australian artist who has created music for children for more than 40 years. The Franciscus Henri Collection DVD features OH NO! It’s the Franciscus Henri Video and Franciscus Henri Sings I’m Hans Christian Anderson. In I’m Hans Christian Anderson Henri sing about some of the great tales from the Danish writer like ‘Thumbelina’ and ‘The Ugly Duckling’, along with lots of other engaging original songs to enthral your little ones. For a great sampler of some of Henri’s best tunes you can’t go past The Best of Franciscus Henri (for ages 2-8).

Jim Weiss is a master storyteller and his aim is to provide audio stories for kids to foster insightful family discussions and lead children to a love of books.

His collection Sweet Dreams features restful visualisations for a blissful sleep. Some of the visualisations include experiencing a toyshop after hours, a magical cavern behind a waterfall, a forest cottage and a relaxing pond. Gentle music punctuates the stories so it is easy for parents to switch off the music player once their child has fallen asleep. This is a wonderful way to introduce the art of being still – meditating – that will provide a much-needed pause in the often over-stimulated world of today’s child.


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