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Songs and Books About Bugs and other creepy crawlies


Slithery, scaly, furry and tickly…bugs and creepy crawlies are certainly an intriguing and fun subject to help learn about science, nature and movement.

Singing Science from Tickle Tune Typhoon will lead listeners on a magical journey of songs dedicated to animals, insects, stars and the sea, among lots of other things. There are 31 tracks on this collection and include “Night Creatures”, “Constellation Cowboy”, “This Old Bone”, “Arachnids” and “Backyard Safari”. Tickle Tune Typhoon is a musical performance troupe that creates music to educate children on subjects including the environment, health, science, friendship and spirituality and wellbeing. Co-founders Lorraine Bayes and Dennis Westphal have been creating music and entertainment for children since the 1980s and their resources and performances have been used by schools and preschools in the United States and other parts of the world. The philosophy of the group is to create music for the “whole child” and to involve students in musical learning.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs is a music CD created under the guidance of Dr Pam Schiller, who is an internationally renowned early childhood education author, teacher and speaker from the United States. On this insect-inspired collection, songs like “Baby Bumblebee”, “Can You Move With Me?”, “Flea Fly Flow”, “Five Little Ladybugs”, “Fuzzy Caterpillar” and “Shoo Fly” aim to create literacy opportunities and connections for pre-schoolers and the beginner years of school.

Songs About Insects, Bugs & Squiggly Things is aimed at 4-9 year olds and presents songs that educate children in a fun and engaging way about interesting nature concepts and little creatures. “Ants on Parade,” “How Do You Make a Snake?” and “Grasshoppers” are some of the songs on the CD.

Australian music educator Wendy Fine presents songs for 3-8 year olds in the CD Creepy Crawlies, which is dedicated to the adventures that can be found in the garden. Songs like “Wiggly Worms”, “The honey bee”, “The patient Spider” and “The Noisy Cricket” are easy to sing and educational and encourage children to creatively mimic the movements of the different creatures.

The Ants Go Marching is a soft-cover book for ages 1-3 and tells the story of Little Ant is always getting distracted and holding up his colony as they go marching through the rain. This cute little tale encourages encouraging observation, colour and pattern recognition by searching for individual ants. The rhythmic words can also be used to introduce numeracy through the concept of repetition.

The Mixed Up Caterpillar is a finger puppet book about a very confused caterpillar. Throughout the book he tried to find his identity. The finger puppet is an attention-grabber for little eyes and the story is an engaging starting point for discussion of a sense of belonging and individual differences.


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