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Sing and Learn Languages for Children


Children who are bilingual (or multilingual) have been shown to have a cognitive edge. Learning languages gives growing brains a serious workout and help them to learn about the world.

Educational Esteem has a wealth of foreign language resources.

Chinese is widely regarded as the super language of the future. In fact, it is increasingly being taught in primary and secondary schools around Australia.

Sing & Learn Chinese is a beautifully illustrated, book & CD that introduce children to World languages and cultures through songs that make learning a language fun for kids of all ages! Children will learn Basic phrases, colours, counting, food, animals, countries, seasons, the alphabet and more. The songs on this CD are sung by native Chinese speakers for help children learn correct pronunciations.

This CD and book series is also available in Japanese, French, Spanish and German.

This collection of language resources is perfect for use at home, the car or pre school setting.

The younger the learner, the better they are at mimicking new sounds and picking up correct pronunciation. This is because the brain is more open to new sounds and patterns in pre-adolescence.

The Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training website states: “Research shows that learning languages develops children’s overall literacy, strengthening literacy-related capabilities that are transferable across learning areas…”.  The Federal Government also recognises the need to revitalise the teaching of languages in Australia and has provided $9.8 million for the Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) trial, which will test the effectiveness of providing preschool children with early exposure to a language other than English through online learning programmes.

There is much parents can do at home with there children and the resources available at Educational Esteem are the perfect way to start.

The play and fun element of these child-focused resources encourage an ease of learning and are clear for parents to use, even if they don’t know a second language – learning together is the most fun.


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