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Sing and Learn Languages for Children


Children who are bilingual (or multilingual) have been shown to have a cognitive edge. Learning languages gives growing brains a serious workout and help them to learn about the world.

Educational Esteem has a wealth of foreign language resources.

Chinese is widely regarded as the super language of the future. In fact, it is increasingly being taught in primary and secondary schools around Australia. Read more

Farm Themed Books and Music for Children


A farm is full of life and inspiration for children. Some of the best-loved children’s songs are about farms (Old Macdonald Had a Farm, anyone?).

In Play School on the Farm DVD, the much-loved team explore the animals that live on farms through song, dance, stories and activities. Presenters Justine Clarke, Matt Passmore and Karen Pang take little viewers on a journey of a farm – Justine and Matt set up a play farm, real sheep come to visit the Play School set and the toys enjoy a game of cricket. Songs to sing along to include “Old McDonald”, “Little Boy Blue”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep”. Read more

Timelessly Entertaining Fairy Tales


Timelessly entertaining, fairy tales are an important part of childhood.

There’s few better ways to introduce storytelling, literacy and fun to your child’s life.

Educational Esteem has resources for all the most beloved fairy tales.

The ultimate tale of rags to riches is Cinderella – the story with a wicked stepmother and sisters, a fairy godmother, handsome prince, glamorous gowns and the message that it is always best to be nice and kind.

The Child’s Play publication of Cinderella features vibrant illustrations and interactive ‘flip-up flaps’ so children can join in with the experience. For teachers and child care professionals this range of books can support learning objectives of the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies and the National Curriculum and reinforce the lessons of emotional literacy and citizenship. Read more