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Songs and Books About Bugs and other creepy crawlies


Slithery, scaly, furry and tickly…bugs and creepy crawlies are certainly an intriguing and fun subject to help learn about science, nature and movement.

Singing Science from Tickle Tune Typhoon will lead listeners on a magical journey of songs dedicated to animals, insects, stars and the sea, among lots of other things. There are 31 tracks on this collection and include “Night Creatures”, “Constellation Cowboy”, “This Old Bone”, “Arachnids” and “Backyard Safari”. Tickle Tune Typhoon is a musical performance troupe that creates music to educate children on subjects including the environment, health, science, friendship and spirituality and wellbeing. Co-founders Lorraine Bayes and Dennis Westphal have been creating music and entertainment for children since the 1980s and their resources and performances have been used by schools and preschools in the United States and other parts of the world. The philosophy of the group is to create music for the “whole child” and to involve students in musical learning. Read more

TOP 10 Songs Pre-schoolers Should Know


Singing with your little one isn’t just fun, it’s a vital way to teach social engagement, literacy and coordination.

Learning songs with repetition and high frequency words will reap emotional and educational rewards for your child and set them on the path to a lifelong appreciation of words and music.

At Educational Esteem we have so many music resources and here we have chosen the 10 songs we think every pre-schooler should know.

“Kookaburra Sits” is an Aussie classic that virtually all children learn. The song, which was written in 1932 for a contest being held by the Victorian Girl Guides, has delightful repetitive nature that has never lost its appeal: “Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree/Merry, merry king of the bush is he/”…it’s a favourite on Play School, Kindergartens and homes across the country. A great collection of songs that features this perennial favourite is Classic Campfire Singalong from ABC for Kids. Read more

More Music Resources for Children with Special Needs


Providing innovative resources for children with special needs is one of our passions here at Educational Esteem. Here’s a selection of some of the best collections.

Fittersitters is a specialised 30-minute exercise program for people with limited ability to stand or those who need to “get fit while you sit”. The CD features warm-ups, vigorous exercises and cool downs that help improve range of motion, body spatial orientation and general well being. Appropriate for children aged five-plus right up to older people and especially for children with complex special physical needs.

More Songs About Me features eleven songs focus on a child’s ‘me’ world and can be used with one child or entire group. Music therapist Bill Janiak has a clear, simple and repetitive style to help children with special needs explore and improve skills like body part identification, motor and language development, counting, listening and emotional awareness. Janiak has been an early childhood specialist and music therapist of over 40 years. He specialises in movement recordings and his philosophy is ‘we learn by doing’.

Read more

Music and Stories to Spark Kids’ Creativity and Imagination

Childhood is the time to encourage a love of stories. The brain develops more in the early years of life than any other time and cultivating the ability to use imagination.

Master storyteller Jim Weiss has Giants! A Colossal Collection of Tales and Tunes that is sure to spark the imaginations of your little ones. Weiss is recognised as a top troubadour in North America for his renditions of classic stories and fables. As well as the classic Jack and the Beanstalk, there’s also lesser known- but just as entertaining – stories like “The Selfish Giant” and “The Giant of Grabbist. Read more

New Zealand Artists for Kids

New Zealand is renowned for the quality of its early childhood music and resources. For such a small country it sure does create wonderful teachers and innovators in music for children.

Linda Adamson is beloved in adopted homeland New Zealand. Her music resource range Love To Sing has become a worldwide hit with teachers, parents and kids. Linda’s songs are played daily on NZ children’s television. Her philosophy is participation and enthusiasm being the keys to your child’s learning. Most recently Adamson has been on a mission to connect communities through music. She is highly regarded for her understanding of the cognitive, physical, social and emotional benefits that music brings. Adamson has also devised specific children’s programmes, including “Hearty Fun Fitness”, which is endorsed by the NZ Heart Foundation.

All her collections are great so it’s hard to find a standout but Playtime Songs is a good CD to start with. This CD is full of fun songs like “You brush your teeth”, “Dr Knickerbocker”, “Good morning” and “Skinny Marinky”. There’s also a lyrics book and bonus DVD of live action songs. Read more

Music for Active Toddlers

Keeping your toddlers active is a must. Little ones have bundles of energy, super-inquisitive minds and a lot of stuff to learn.

Educational Esteem can help with our great range of toddler music resources.

Songs and Games for Toddlers by Bob McGrath. You’ll know Bob from Sesame Street and he is just as engaging and delightful on this collection as he is on the iconic children’s television show.

All the songs and images on this CD are simple enough for two and three years olds to sing, play and do. There’s classic songs like “twinkle, twinkle, little star” and “row, row, row your boat”, “this old man” and “five little ducks”. These are perfect songs for toddlers and Bob leads children through a repertoire that will have them bouncing, clapping, chanting, drumming and singing. Read more

Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes


According to experts in literacy and child development if a child knows eight nursery rhymes by heart by the time they are four years old, they are most usually in the top of their class for spelling and reading by the time they are eight.

The importance of nursery rhymes is cited again and again by early childhood researchers and teachers.

Nursery rhymes contain high frequency words and learning and listening to them helps tune a child’s ear to the rhythms and sound patterns of language. Nursery rhymes are also critical for cognitive development, especially memory and recall skills. Emotional development is also nurtured by sharing nursery rhymes. Sharing nursery rhymes strengthens the critical bond between parent and child and promotes an understanding of social cues like clapping, smiling and humour. It’s great to use facial expressions when sharing nursery rhymes with your child and this is another way babies and littlies learn about feelings and social cues. Read more

Hilary Henshaw for Kids

Hilary Henshaw is the brain behind the acclaimed Growing with Music series that has been loved by preschool educators around the country for years. Hilary’s songs, dances, play-along, games and stories enhance co-ordination, language, listening, creativity and musical skills.

The CD Hilary + Music = Fun features loads of interactive songs like “clap your hands all together”, “copy cat” and “put the beat in your feet”. This CD is a great one to start with to get acquainted with Hilary’s music.

Kidsmusik is the second in the series and has more fun-filled songs for ages 2-plus. Music like “I love my teddy”, “count the music” and “good morning” promotes lots of movement and interaction. Perfect for the classroom or at home. Read more

Kids’ Music Company

Started by Kiwis Janet Channon and Wendy Jensen in 1989, kids Music Company produces resources for children to learn through fun music activities.

Kids Music Company works from the philosophy that nature intended children to move and that movement helps neural pathways to develop for optimum brain development.

Channon and Jensen, who are world-renowned music education specialist, strongly advocate that music and movement is an essential component of normal child development.

A great place to start with Kids Music Company is the album Echo Fred – captivating and contagious music as well as echo games with Teddy and Fred, who live under the bed. Complete with a teacher’s book, there’s also opportunities for finger play activities (seahorse and caterpillar stories) and role-playing while singing – imagine driving a bus on a wet day or playing a trumpet. This CD is ideally for ages three to eight. Read more

Children’s Music from Ronno

Ronno’s songs are fun and full of life and learning. Ronno, aka Ron Hiller, is a Canadian-born, qualified teacher and has performed for children for several decades. He has also spent time playing in successful rock and country bands and writing hit songs!

His award winning music is loved by families and teachers in North America – and beyond.

Jump-Start Action Songs is one of Ronno’s most popular CDs and stimulates children’s mind and motor development with winning songs and action activities. Ronno is well known for his highly motivating action songs and there’s plenty on this collection. There’s also a teacher-guide to accompany the songs and associated activities. Read more