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New Release! Happy Beats for Young Children by Gary and Carol Crees

Gary and Carol Crees are world-renowned for their resources for kids that encourage well being through music and movement. Their newest release is Happy Beats for Young Children, full of songs for singing, rhyming and dancing. The inspiration behind the title was to create a fun, danceable and boppy! The CD has 12 songs, plus seven backtracks, which are songs without the vocals.

With an emphasis on getting children to become more aware of their bodies and movements, songs like ‘Happy Hands’, ‘That’s Our Skin’ and ‘Bop ‘til ya Boogie’, children will enjoy a variety of styles of music to quickly engage children to move more. The Sydney-based Crees create their education resources from the basis that music, movement and the arts enrich individual and family wellbeing and this flows out to the community.

The recommended age for this CD is 2-8 and also appropriate for classroom activities. The backtracks are perfect for use by teachers who might want to use the material for concert performance activities. The CD also includes a teacher’s guide.

Jenni Cargill-Strong

Jenni Cargill-Strong issues a warning before you buy her storytelling CDs – “These CD’s may stimulate your child’s imagination and cause repeated listening!”.
With all these possibilities who wouldn’t want to delve into Jennie Cargill-Strong’s storytelling world? Read more

The Best of 2010 in Music and Stories for Kids

It has been a great year for kids’ music so let’s take a look at the best of 2010’s offerings from Educational Esteem. Read more

Hawaiian Playground is here!

We are excited to present a new release in Putumayo Kids range, Hawaiian Playground, as usual exquisitely presented and delivered. A few words about the brand. Putumayo World Music was established in 1993 and, interestingly, grew out of (can you believe it?) Putumayo clothing company. The company owes its success to the distinctive art of Nicola Heindl and in fact she has painted over eighty (!) colourful album covers for Putumayo World Music. Her bald colours, simple lines and mesmerizing scenes match Putumayo’s philosophy, “guaranteed to make you feel good!”, just perfectly. A keen traveller herself, she found her inspiration during her trips to India, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Morocco, Tanzania, Panama and numerous European countries. As for the music, the company has established its unique blend of world music which is upbeat and melodic; it appeals to traditional and contemporary audiences. Coupled with creative retail marketing, Putumayo World Music, undoubtedly, developed a unique, easily recognised brand identity. As with Putumayo’s previous projects targeting families with children, Hawaiian Playground creates a playful and easy going atmosphere for families to enjoy and relax. It features the sounds of ukuleles, steel guitars and harmonious vocals. The album is, unfortunately, a bit short but undeniably charming. Customers are welcome to listen to a sound file from this CD and purchase the album on our website.

Mother Goose in Action

Mother Goose Action Songs

Enticing, imaginative and fun!!! A delightful new release loaded with action and movement for young children aged 2-5. And what a fantastic idea to combine familiar characters, Mother Goose, Humpty Dumpty, Baa Baa Black Sheep and many more, with new music to keep children physically active. The CD is well paced, easy to follow and very engaging. It is suitable for child care centers, kindergarten programmes, preschool centers and home use. The CD is accompanied by activity notes, lyrics and all the actions.