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My Grandfather Once Told Me

For kids of all ages, I am happy to share a poem written for our daughter by my husband:

There was a fly that ate apple pie,
A bug that chewed a rug,
A butterfly that flew very high,
A snake that stayed awake,
A dog who bounced like a frog
A spider that drank apple cider,
A cat that wore a hat,
A bird that couldn’t be heard,
A snail that checked the mail,
A cow that used to bow,
A horse that liked sauce,
A worm that wanted to learn,
A little child who went to bed
When this poem was read.

Andrew, 2005.

Enjoy! Ella.

Parking With The Kids

Another piece of fun children’s poetry for you to enjoy!

Oh where, oh where can we park?
We better find somewhere before it gets dark.
Look over there, I can see a place,
Oops, too late, wipe that smile off your face.
Well, what about there on the other side?
Hold on tight then, for a uey we must ride,
Sorry we can’t park here, we will be in disgrace.
There is a sign saying it is a disabled place.
Just look a bit further, please do not moan,
You would not believe it, a loading zone!
Let us be patient, let us not worry,
There is no need for us to be in a hurry,
But the ice cream shop will soon shut,
And our taste buds will be in an awful rut
Please stop all your unnecessary harking,
As I’m sure soon we will be parking.
At last, at last, let us all scream,
We can park now and get our ice cream.

Andrew, 2006.


Enjoy another poem, actually inspired by our business.

It was a big house,
A strange old house.

There were creeps in the crannies,
And crooks in the nooks,
Elephants in the pond,
And something strange on the roof,

Creatures great and small,
Were coming in their droves,
So, what was the attraction,
Of that house on Colebrook Road?

There was something in the air,
But not something you could smell,
It had a certain ring to it,
Not unlike a bell,

Do you know what I’m referring to,
Would you like me to tell?

MUSIC they were seeking,
All kinds and all creeds,
Something here for everyone,
We cater for all needs,

Whatever you are looking for,
I’m sure you’ll find it near,
Let’s sing and dance, smile and laugh,
And take some time-out here!

For Colebrook Road is open,
Everyday of every year,
So come with us, discover, relax,
Have fun and some good cheer!

© 2006 Carolyn Wright, all rights reserved
May not be plagiarised, nor copied or reproduced in any form for commercial use without the written permission of Carolyn Wright. Parents can copy for personal use only.

How old am I?

Have you heard this question before? Here are some answers. Have fun!

How old are your eyes?
And how old is your nose?
Older than my teeth
But the same age as my toes.

Well, how old are your feet?
And how old are your thighs?
As old as my mouth,
And as old as my eyes.

So, then how old is your back?
And how old is your tummy?
As old as my neck,
But not as old as my mummy.

Tell me, how old are your shoulders?
And how old are your knees?
Nowhere near as old as the trees
Any more questions please?

Alright, how old are your fingers?
And how old is your bottom?
As old as my hair?
I am confused now. I have forgotten.

By Andrew & Viola, 2007.

Helping To Cook

Dedicated to all little chefs in traning.

I like to make pizza dough
My hands all gooey do stick
Until we use enough flour
And the dough becomes quite thick

Sometimes I like to cook spaghetti
And eat the uncooked pasta
Then splash the bolognaise
On my face and on my master

I really like to mix chocolate muffins
The spoon I love to lick
Then watch the muffins in the oven
Rise like a magic trick

Most of all I like to make pancakes
I stir the mixture as fast as I can
Then wait at the dinner table
With ice cream and blueberry jam.

By Andrew & Viola, 2008.