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Sing and Learn Languages for Children


Children who are bilingual (or multilingual) have been shown to have a cognitive edge. Learning languages gives growing brains a serious workout and help them to learn about the world.

Educational Esteem has a wealth of foreign language resources.

Chinese is widely regarded as the super language of the future. In fact, it is increasingly being taught in primary and secondary schools around Australia. Read more

Songs and Books About Bugs and other creepy crawlies


Slithery, scaly, furry and tickly…bugs and creepy crawlies are certainly an intriguing and fun subject to help learn about science, nature and movement.

Singing Science from Tickle Tune Typhoon will lead listeners on a magical journey of songs dedicated to animals, insects, stars and the sea, among lots of other things. There are 31 tracks on this collection and include “Night Creatures”, “Constellation Cowboy”, “This Old Bone”, “Arachnids” and “Backyard Safari”. Tickle Tune Typhoon is a musical performance troupe that creates music to educate children on subjects including the environment, health, science, friendship and spirituality and wellbeing. Co-founders Lorraine Bayes and Dennis Westphal have been creating music and entertainment for children since the 1980s and their resources and performances have been used by schools and preschools in the United States and other parts of the world. The philosophy of the group is to create music for the “whole child” and to involve students in musical learning. Read more

Farm Themed Books and Music for Children


A farm is full of life and inspiration for children. Some of the best-loved children’s songs are about farms (Old Macdonald Had a Farm, anyone?).

In Play School on the Farm DVD, the much-loved team explore the animals that live on farms through song, dance, stories and activities. Presenters Justine Clarke, Matt Passmore and Karen Pang take little viewers on a journey of a farm – Justine and Matt set up a play farm, real sheep come to visit the Play School set and the toys enjoy a game of cricket. Songs to sing along to include “Old McDonald”, “Little Boy Blue”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep”. Read more

Science Resources for Children

Science Is Fun


Science is all around us. It can be a daunting subject at school but there are some great ways to introduce children to the wonders of nature and science concepts.

Have you ever thought about singing about science? Educational Esteem has so many great resources.

Singing Science from music entertainment and education group Tickle Tune Typhoon creates plenty of opportunities for children to sing about animals, chemicals, astronomy among other things – and all in an eclectic mix of musical styles. There’s cool tunes like “Everything Grows”, “Life In My Cells”, “That’s Botany” and “Strange Food”. The band uses rhythm and rhyme, creative movement and sign language to motivate students to get excited about learning. Read more

Music for Children to Build Self-Esteem


Building a healthy sense of self and resilience are vital elements of childhood.

Music is a great way to introduce themes of identity, family and friendship.

Hilary Henshaw is a well-respected music educator and he titles are used in preschools around the world. Super Me! Is specifically aimed at building self-esteem. Henshaw’s songs are full of joy and important themes of identity that help children to feel good about themselves. Friendship is very much at the heart of the music on this collection – there are songs like “friendship express”, “be your own good friend” and “friendship dance”. Read more

Discover Jim Weiss

Jim Weiss is a professional storyteller from the United States who has been entertaining and enchanting for over 30 years.

Jim’s albums of classic stories and folk tales have been critically acclaimed by parents’ associations and educators. Jim’s aim is to provide audio stories for kids to foster insightful family discussions and lead children to the bookshelf.

A lovely place to start with Jim’s works is Sweet Dreams, which features restful visualisations for a blissful sleep. Some of the visualisations include experiencing a toyshop after hours, a magical cavern behind a waterfall, a forest cottage and a relaxing pond. Gentle music punctuates the stories so it is easy for parents to switch off the music player once their child has fallen asleep. Read more

World Soundtracks from Putumayo Kids


The incredibly popular range of music from Putumayo Kids brings the world inside your home, classroom and car. There is a collection for every taste and corner of the globe – The Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and more.

Rock and Roll Playground features modern songs influenced by rock and roll roots. This compilation also includes a read-aloud booklet with notes about the history of rock & roll and the story of each song. Artists include popular US children’s music entertainer Dan Zanes, to up-and- comers like Grammy nominee Brady Rymer, Parents’ Choice® Gold award winner Roger Day and John Lennon Songwriting Contest winners Rhythm Child. There’ll be a whole lotta shakin’ going on with this great collection. Read more

A Must Have Kindergarten Book Collection

Kindergarten-age is a magical time for children to discover books and concepts about the wider world and their feelings. At Educational Esteem we love to find fantastic and useful books for families and early education professionals.

As Quick as a Cricket by Don and Audrey Wood is geared towards ages two to six and is all about emotions – and letting children know that it is okay to feel they things they do, whether they are good or bad. With beautiful illustrations, this book takes emotions from the abstract to the concrete and relates an emotion to an animal. Think “as slow as a snail” or “as quick as a cricket”. Read more

Children’s Music from Ronno

Ronno’s songs are fun and full of life and learning. Ronno, aka Ron Hiller, is a Canadian-born, qualified teacher and has performed for children for several decades. He has also spent time playing in successful rock and country bands and writing hit songs!

His award winning music is loved by families and teachers in North America – and beyond.

Jump-Start Action Songs is one of Ronno’s most popular CDs and stimulates children’s mind and motor development with winning songs and action activities. Ronno is well known for his highly motivating action songs and there’s plenty on this collection. There’s also a teacher-guide to accompany the songs and associated activities. Read more

Wendy Fine and Judy Irwig

Wendy Fine and Judy Irwig have been making music for kindergarten-aged children for over 20 years and are very popular with preschool educators. Wendy has produced solo collections too. Their songs are exuberant, catchy and accessible for youngsters who love the catchy tunes and can’t help moving to the music.

It’s a Small, Small World has 42 songs for ages two to five that are the all-time favourites of children all over Australia. There’s the classics parents know and love like ‘dingle dangle scarecrow’, ‘oh dear, what can the matter be?’ and ‘doggy in the window’’ as well as some original compositions.
It’s cool to care for the environment – that’s the message of The Land, sea, You and Me. This is a collection of memorable, environmentally friendly rhythmic songs, that encourage self-respect, respect for each other and for this wonderful world we share, this CD is aimed at kids aged 5 plus. Read more