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Gift Ideas for Children



Whether it is Christmas, a birthday or an occasion like the birth of a baby, christening or a religious or cultural celebration, music is a wonderful gift.

At Educational Esteem there is a range of music and storytelling CDs to appeal to many tastes.

The Mermaid’s Shoes and Other Enchanted Tales is by storyteller extraordinaire Jenni Cargill and is suitable from for children aged three years and up. With no scary stories, it is fine for listening to before going to bed. It has sixty minutes worth of stories and songs and a four-page booklet with lyrics and story information. The title story is an original tale about the mermaid of Byron. Unique and unusual acoustic instruments are featured on the album include zyladrum, lyre, chavaquino, tabla, harp and bells. Culturally, the stories and songs range between Australia, China, Ireland, Russia and Japan. Read more

Play School Artists


Some of the most popular children’s music artists in Australia are cast members of ABC’s Play school. In fact, a CD from one (or all) of these people – Justine Clarke, Jay Laga’aia and Georgie Parker – can be found in a great number of Australian families’ favourite playlists.

The multi-talented Justine Clarke is the Australian queen of children’s music. Her CDs are all best sellers and have won numerous awards.

Songs to Make You Smile is Clarke’s follow up to her hit debut album I Like to Sing. Equally engaging, Songs to Make you Smile is a musical journey through different sounds and moods – a rockabilly swing to of ‘Mrs Knife and Mr Fork’, the rock sounds of ‘Jelly Jelly Jelly’ and the James Taylor-esque lullaby ‘Creatures Of The Rain And Sun’. Clarke infuses her songs with different musical influences that are equally appealing to adults as much as children. Two of the most popular songs on this album are ‘Dinosaur Roar’ and ‘Imagination’, which both encourage movement and are ideal for use in early education settings. Read more

Dance Music For Kids

Children love to dance and movement is an important – and fun – way for young ones to become aware of their bodies and encourage cognitive development.

Universal Children’s Audio (UCA) is a publisher of great music and resources for the early years. They are one of our favourites at Educational Esteem. Based in New Zealand (a leader in early childhood education) UCA is dedicated to creating music just for children and it does a range of titles from dance, to storytelling and relaxation. The collections are categorised by native NZ birds – each one signifying a range of CDs for example, the fantail introduces dancing and moving, which is what this blog post is all about! Read more

Shenanigans – Bush Dances for Kids

Australian bush dancing was pretty big in the 1980s and it’s now making something of a comeback. But for children, bush dancing has always been a very fun, active and inclusive form of dance. The music is provided by bush bands, like Shenanigans, who have been performing and producing music for children and adults for over 30 years! Shenanigans are one of Australia’s best-known and regarded educational troupes who have conducted bush dance and world dance and multicultural workshops at hundreds of schools over the years.

Shenanigans’ Bush Dances of New Holland is a terrific resource for primary aged children onwards and includes dances from a variety of styles and cultures, including standard Australian bush dances. Other cultural influences on the collection are ‘Louisiana Saturday Night’, the Serbian ‘Scissor Dance’ and the old English ‘Sellenger’s Round’. Read more

About Music for Kids

Making music is lots of fun. During childhood music is particularly important for so many areas – development, literacy, movement and creativity.

Making Music from Play School is a DVD full of music-making fun with Justine, Jay, Alex, Abi, Teo and some special guests. Take a journey through lots of musical styles, from hip hop to classical. The Play School team shows new ways of making and enjoying music through stories and play – the toys are there too with a few musical treats of their own. Read more

Family Fun 3

Have your own family dance party or sing-a-long in the car with some of the great selection of kid and parent-friendly music we have at Educational Esteem.

The exuberant collection There’s an Orchestra in my Kitchen by Wendy Fine has songs full of madcap fun and silliness. Can you really imagine ‘an orchestra in your kitchen’? Well respected and popular songwriter Fine brings these kind of images to life to make for some madcap musical moments. There’s also songs on the CD like `Why can’t I plant a chewing gum tree?’, `I want to be healthy and strong’ and `I don’t want to go to bed’. Read more

Dance Resources for Preschoolers

Dance for preschoolers has so many benefits – cultivating a love of dance, appreciation of music, confidence and the ability to listen and follow instructions.  Dance activities make children aware of their bodies and encourage healthy physical and cognitive development.

All-Time Favorite Dances is a great music CD for little ones to hop and bop to with classic dances like the hokey pokey, conga and the twist. There’s also a lyrics guide with dance instructions.

Dance Like a Rainbow is a beautiful resource suitable for ages 4-7 that fires the imagination and gets kids doing creative movement. Compositions including “Walking Shoes”, “Hip Hop Rainbow”, “Dance Like a Rainbow”, “Dance Trance Drums” and “Wild Jungle” promote free and fun dancing for youngsters. Read more

The Magic of Justine Clarke

Mention the name “Justine” to most Australian parents with preschoolers and under-7s and they’ll immediately know you mean Justine Clarke.
Justine Clarke is an actor (Home & Away, Tangle), singer/songwriter and Play School presenter who is legendary among her pint-sized fans (as well as their parents!).
With three hugely successful CDs in her repertoire, Clarke’s catchy, happy tunes are a must for your family’s music collection. Read more