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Science Resources for Children

Science Is Fun


Science is all around us. It can be a daunting subject at school but there are some great ways to introduce children to the wonders of nature and science concepts.

Have you ever thought about singing about science? Educational Esteem has so many great resources.

Singing Science from music entertainment and education group Tickle Tune Typhoon creates plenty of opportunities for children to sing about animals, chemicals, astronomy among other things – and all in an eclectic mix of musical styles. There’s cool tunes like “Everything Grows”, “Life In My Cells”, “That’s Botany” and “Strange Food”. The band uses rhythm and rhyme, creative movement and sign language to motivate students to get excited about learning. Read more

Party Music for Children


Want to get your party started right? How about the kinder disco or music and movement time?

Educational Esteem has a super catalogue of suitable party and active music to suit all occasions.

Exercise Party is exactly as the title of the CD suggests – a collection of energetic and fun songs get young bodies up and moving. The 24 songs progress through warm ups (“A New Way to Say Hello”), the main exercise (“Hula Mula”) and cool down (“Reach Up High”). Read more

Music for Children to Build Self-Esteem


Building a healthy sense of self and resilience are vital elements of childhood.

Music is a great way to introduce themes of identity, family and friendship.

Hilary Henshaw is a well-respected music educator and he titles are used in preschools around the world. Super Me! Is specifically aimed at building self-esteem. Henshaw’s songs are full of joy and important themes of identity that help children to feel good about themselves. Friendship is very much at the heart of the music on this collection – there are songs like “friendship express”, “be your own good friend” and “friendship dance”. Read more

Interactive Books for Children

Books are awesome and ones with added interactive bits are a great way to bring a story to life.
Interactive books are especially suited for getting messages across to children of many ages in a lively way, like Dinosaur Diner by Annie Kubler. The star of this book is Dinosaur, whose eating habits are pretty unhealthy. He doesn’t do any exercise either. Dinosaur is brought to life by a finger puppet attached to the book. With the help of his healthy eating friends, Dinosaur tries to change his habits. Read more

Discover Jim Weiss

Jim Weiss is a professional storyteller from the United States who has been entertaining and enchanting for over 30 years.

Jim’s albums of classic stories and folk tales have been critically acclaimed by parents’ associations and educators. Jim’s aim is to provide audio stories for kids to foster insightful family discussions and lead children to the bookshelf.

A lovely place to start with Jim’s works is Sweet Dreams, which features restful visualisations for a blissful sleep. Some of the visualisations include experiencing a toyshop after hours, a magical cavern behind a waterfall, a forest cottage and a relaxing pond. Gentle music punctuates the stories so it is easy for parents to switch off the music player once their child has fallen asleep. Read more

Music and Stories to Spark Kids’ Creativity and Imagination

Childhood is the time to encourage a love of stories. The brain develops more in the early years of life than any other time and cultivating the ability to use imagination.

Master storyteller Jim Weiss has Giants! A Colossal Collection of Tales and Tunes that is sure to spark the imaginations of your little ones. Weiss is recognised as a top troubadour in North America for his renditions of classic stories and fables. As well as the classic Jack and the Beanstalk, there’s also lesser known- but just as entertaining – stories like “The Selfish Giant” and “The Giant of Grabbist. Read more

Merry Christmas from Around the World


Joyeux Noel, Buone Feste Natalizie, Feliz Navidad, Kala Christouyenna…these are just some of the ways to say Merry Christmas in different languages.

It’s great fun to learn about different Christmas traditions and at Educational Esteem we love a multicultural festive season!

For teachers An Italian Christmas Adventure by Nadia Cavallo is a must-have resource. Everything you need for a Christmas unit on Italian traditions is included – CDs, books and DVD. Students will learn about La Befana who, In Italian folklore, is an old woman who delivers gifts to children throughout Italy on Epiphany Eve (January 5). There are also traditional Christmas songs in Italian to learn and enjoy as well as DVD segments on how Italians do the festive season including shopping, foods, the nativity and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Read more

World Soundtracks from Putumayo Kids


The incredibly popular range of music from Putumayo Kids brings the world inside your home, classroom and car. There is a collection for every taste and corner of the globe – The Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and more.

Rock and Roll Playground features modern songs influenced by rock and roll roots. This compilation also includes a read-aloud booklet with notes about the history of rock & roll and the story of each song. Artists include popular US children’s music entertainer Dan Zanes, to up-and- comers like Grammy nominee Brady Rymer, Parents’ Choice® Gold award winner Roger Day and John Lennon Songwriting Contest winners Rhythm Child. There’ll be a whole lotta shakin’ going on with this great collection. Read more

Music for Family Fun 4


Music is one of the greatest ways to bring people together and there are plenty of great collections for awesome family fun.

Everyone loves the gang of Sesame Street and Putumayo Kids presents a collection of songs from international versions of the much-loved program. Sesame Street Playground has songs from The Netherlands, South Africa, Brazil, France, India, Israel, Mexico and Palestine, among others. Ever heard “Rubber Ducky” in Chinese? Well, with this collection you can! This CD/DVD is a project from the Sesame Street Workshop to promote respect of other cultures. The DVD features five music videos from places like Russia, South Africa and Mexico. Read more

Music for Little Dancing Feet

Little children love to move! Movement helps children develop their gross motor skills and helps with socialisation and emotional development.  Watching babies and toddlers move to music and song is one of life’s great joys. We have plenty of resources for little dancing feet!

 You Can Dance! from The Learning Station is a dance fitness and movement collection that has every style from ballroom to disco. Kids will have lots of fun trying hip-hop, salsa, cha cha and more. Having fun and moving is great for fitness and heath. What better way to encourage fitness than by dancing? The Learning Station is a favourite at Educational Esteem – The Learning Station is a US trio of musician/entertainers with an early education background. The trio has recorded 28 albums so the trio is well and truly a leader in early childhood music and learning. Read more