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Are you looking for great music CDs for children? Don't go any further! Educational Esteem has loads and loads of great music resources for early childhood: lullabies, musical play activities, action songs for toddlers and older children, fitness for kids, music for sing alongs, classical music suitable for children of all ages; music to make learning and teaching enjoyable; world music for little ears; music for family entertainment; music to use with parachutes, rhythm/lummi sticks, balls, ribbons, bean bags, hoops and scarves; music for relaxation and well being; Christmas songs and carols; very useful music resources for children with special needs; storytelling for children; music for mothers-to-be and many, many more for you to explore, discover and listen to sound samples. Alternatively, for your convenience you can also view music CDs classified by artist(s), topic, flavour, age and subject. Enjoy!
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Where Is Thumbkin? (Ages 3-7)
Where Is Thumbkin? (Ages 3-7)

AUD $35.00
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