Hannah Naiman

At the age of six Hannah simultaneously began her formal ballet training, and was introduced to American and English folk dance. She trained in ballet, modern, jazz, tap and acrobatics in her hometown, Aurora, Ontario. During her winter and summer vacations, Hannah traveled to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Kentucky participating in and teaching at various folk dance camps. She is particularly involved with the Country Dance and Song Society, who have their base in Massachusetts. In 2006, Hannah graduated with a BFA in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University in Montreal. Hannah is now living, working, dancing and creating in Boston. As programs coordinator at Springstep, a multicultural center for music and dance, Hannah works with many different social dance organizers who are likewise dedicated to the promotion of dance and music of all cultures to the general public. Hannah also teaches Ontario Step-dancing, Kerri set dancing, and choreography workshops at Springstep.