Jelly Kids

Jelly Kids is the brainchild of three close friends and musicians who met as music students at a Queensland university in 1996.Frustrated with the kitschy, corny, sing along songs available to them as young music teachers, they set about creating something new and exciting in children's music. In 2012, Heidi, Peter and Natasha, aka Jelly Kids, now parents as well as performers and educators, are picking up where they left off. And, already, parents and critics are sitting up and taking notice, with Jelly Kids named finalists in the Best Children's Song category of the 2012 Qld Music Awards and preliminary finalists in the 2012 Australian Songwriting Contest (winners to be decided in late 2012). Jelly Kids believes children - and their parents - deserve nothing less than awesome music performed by awesome musicians. Who says children's music should be less funky, less original or less enjoyable than music for grown ups?! Styles such as jazz, rock, funk, pop, blues, country and gospel are all part of the Jelly Kids experience. The cherry on top is that Jelly Kids are backed up by some of Brisbane's best on drums, bass, guitar, keys, even guest vocals. All kids' music should be this good.