Linda Adamson

The concept of Love to Sing came about when Linda was a teacher (just a couple of decades ago)! She often found herself frustrated with the music resources on hand e.g. great album but no lyrics - she thought how great it would be to create a complete package - an album sung by children for children, a book with all the lyrics and actions plus beautiful illustrations so children will know what song to choose.

This was way back in 1990. Scholastic published Songbook and it became an instant success in early childhood centers and schools; in fact, children loved the songs so much that parents wanted to buy it as well. This is why Love to Sing is both popular in the retail and school market. After a stint of being a music lecturer, Linda created her own business in 1994 - since then the catalogue has increased greatly with multi-platinum sales for many of the book/album and DVD titles. Love to Sing is sold all over the world. In New Zealand the songs are played daily on national TV.

Linda runs Love to Sing music workshops for teachers, parents and children and gives special performances with the Love to Sing kids choir who include some of New Zealand's top young talent. She also loves creating new products.

Linda's philosophy is that participation and enthusiasm are the keys to your child's learning. Imagine the change in our world if we would share just one song a day with a child - happy vibrations are created when we sing and we connect together. The learning aspects of singing are many - building language and memory skills; it helps to develop fine and gross motor skills and co-ordination, musical concepts such as volume, tempo, beat and rhythm, pitch and melody, harmony and mood and tone - but to Linda, nothing is as important as the magic connection when we sing together.