Story Sacks

Story Sacks are an exciting new idea to inspire a child's love of reading and bring books to life! A story sack is a large cloth bag containing a good quality storybook with supporting materials, such as puppets, soft toys and a game to stimulate reading/language activities. There is usually a cassette tape with the story recorded onto it so the children can follow along and act out. With Story sacks, children 'live' out the story to better connect the actions and sounds from the story to the written words.

A story sack from Child’s Play includes:

  • A quality children's picture storybook
  • Plush Toys of the main characters
  • Props/Scenery relating to the story
  • The story on Audio Cassette or CD
  • A story based language game
  • A non fiction book relating to the theme of the story
  • PLUS a guide to using the story sack


AUD $57.00 - AUD $65.00