The Mighty buZZniks

The Mighty bUZZniks began performing live in April 2007. The members of the band (Jamie, Razz, Phil, Tao, Drew and Carl) are all experienced performers in their own right who have played in many live (big people) bands, written music for children's television and worked with kids in schools and in music workshops around the world. They combine this wealth of experience to offer a rich musical concept to younger audiences with content that is relevant to their life experience. The Mighty bUZZniks have a fully Rock! show that is great for families. The music is targeted at 4 to 10 year olds and creates an alternative, bridging the gap between early childhood entertainment and the Video Hits Pop of the teen world. The big emphasis is on live music, vivid performance, creating wonder, dancing with the imagination and just having a totally silly, Rock and Roll party where FUN is the key.


AUD $18.00