Jingle Jam
As toddlers grow, their language skills can develop further through singing and imitation; they will learn to distinguish between loud and quiet, fast and slow; they begin to be aware of a beat in the music and recognise different rhythms; they will learn the words to simple songs and develop the coordination needed to play simple instruments i.e. simple drums or bells. This is also the age when they begin to find out how to cooperate with other children. You can support your toddler’s needs in a number of ways: sing simple rhyming songs together - songs about objects and animals can help to build vocabulary; combine music and movement; find music for different moods; start with simple instruments like drums, shakers or bells progressing to xylophones, or toy pianos/keyboards; teach them to take turns singing and dancing; encourage listening skills by sometimes sitting and listening to music together. Explore our collection of music with toddlers in mind: timeless nursery rhymes, action songs, classical music for creative movement, simple dances or great choices for car time.